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The Avon Chamber of Commerce strives to provide member businesses with the information and resources they need to succeed.  Whether it's economic data, certificates of origin, notary services, or best practices information, members can find it here.


Wanting to start your own business?  Opening a new location in Avon or Hendricks County? Look no further!  Indiana is a very business-friendly state and we have excellent local resources for helping you get started. 

Starting a business can be challenging, whether you are new to the area or a lifelong resident.  Although hard work and determination are important, they are not enough to ensure the success of your business.  Before you invest time and money into your dream, answer the questions below.  Your answers can help you determine if your ideas are realistic.

  • What does it mean to run my own business?
  • What product/service will my business sell?
  • Who will be my customer base?
  • Where will my customer base be located?
  • How do I attract my customers?
  • What means will I use to distribute products/services to my customer base?
  • What will it cost me to provide products/services?
  • Where is the location of my business?
  • Who is my competition and how much of the market do they control?
  • What separates my business from my competitors?
  • How much startup capital will it take to open my business?
  • How much operating expenses will I need for the first six months?
  • Do I have the funding that I need to open the business?  If not, where will I obtain financing?
  • Do I have an exit plan in place?

Tackling important issues before you begin can guide you in making informed decisions about your business, and give you a realistic view of your potential for success.  When you succeed, Avon succeeds!


Not sure where or how to start your business in Avon? Do you get a business license or an EIN first? (What even is an EIN?) Find these answers and more in the 12 Steps to forming a business in Indiana.

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Why Join the Avon Chamber

Being part of your local chamber provides you and your business a group of like minded peers to learn from, to support one another, and advocate for business-friendly policies as a unified voice.

The Avon Chamber is committed to supporting, educating, and nurturing small businesses throughout the county. Take advantage of all the investments the community is making in businesses like yours: Join the Avon Chamber today!